We focus on the six dimensions of wellness, with an emphasis in person-centered care approaches.

 Our goal is to provide an experience that is deeper and more human than the traditional rehabilitation centers throughout Texas. We pride ourselves on providing activities and workshops that are engaging and also socially fulfilling. We also have events that help foster creativity, inspiration, and education.


Physical Wellness

Body Works Programs

Promotes involvement in physical activity groups to assist with improving and maintaining cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, balance, and flexibility. Promotes healthy lifestyle habits and encourages personal safety. Opportunities available 5-7 days/week.

Emotional Wellness

Life Works Programs

Assists residents in managing their feelings and behaviors, their success and failures, recognize and express their feelings, control stress and problem-solve. Our key program areas under this dimension are: Music Works & Aroma Works. Opportunities available minimum of 3x/week.

Intellectual Wellness

Mind Works Program

Encourages residents and individuals to expand their knowledge base, as well as, improve and or maintain their cognitive functioning level through a variety of problem-solving activities, educational resources and cultural activities. Our key program area under this dimension is: Mind Works!

Social Wellness

Connectivity Works Programs

Encourages and emphasizes creating and maintaining healthy relationships through talking, sharing hobbies, interests and actively participating in social events.


A higher standard of care.

When it comes to your health, there is no compromise in the standard of care we provide at Sheridan Medical Lodge. Our people are more than experts in nursing, therapy, medical social work and home health – they posses a degree of compassion and caring that is second to none. We put you first, ensuring you have the care and attention you need, along with the support that ensures you’re able to be successful in your progress and overall health and wellbeing. We’re able to help with financial demands of insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. And we understand the importance of working closely with your physician and other members of your medical team to ensure the very best possible outcomes.