Sheridan Medical Lodge combines the industry's latest treatment techniques and equipment with a highly personalized interdisciplinary approach to care. This patient-centric combination of technology and skilled care enables our rehabilitation guests to return home as quickly as possible, along with providing our long-term guests with enhanced well-being and quality of life.

Medical Services

On-site Physicians that operate within the facility.

Physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Large state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym.

Interdisciplinary rehabilitation plan designed for each guest.

 24-hour licensed nursing car

Therapeutic diets

Surgical wound care

IV therapy

Bi-paps, c-paps, hydro-collator and cryotherapy

Rehab with Xbox Kinect

State-of-the-art modality equipment

On-site physician treatment

Short-wave diathermy

Electronic stimulation



Sheridan Medical Lodge works closely with each guest to develop customized programs that enhance their health and well-being, along with achieving the highest level of recovery possible.

Our "Homeward Bound" Rapid Recovery Program is a highly specialized short-term rehabilitation initiative that aims to enable post-hospital guests to return home as quickly as possible, fully recovered.

We accept Medicare, Medicare Replacement Insurance, Medic-aid, Private Insurance, and Private Pay On-site physicians and physician extenders to manage each guest’s care plan.


Beyond our extensive medical services lies a nearly-endless variety of activities and services that make our guest's experience more comfortable, relaxing, and just more fun.